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The term "Araber", literally "Arabian" (minus the addition "purebred") is a specifically German term used to describe Arabian horses that are nearly, but not quite, purebred - that is to say, horses that are proven to have small percentages of non-Arabian blood far back in their pedigrees.

They are also known as "Araberrasse", which translates as "Arabian-bred".

This classification used to include the Shagya-Arabians, until they achieved recognition s a breed in themselves.


Today, the term "Araber" is used for seven distinct groups of horses:

  • Horses of Hungarian origin of mainly Shagya descent, but including blank places in their pedigrees that exclude them from being accepted as Shagyas.

  • Arabian horses from Jordan, the Lebanon, and Turkey, whose purebred Status could not be properly ascertained.
  • Arabians from Egypt that are registered there as purebreds, but are not WAHO-accepted.

  • Horses of the Russian Tersk breed (some of these are also registered as Shagyas, Anglos, or Partbreds).
  • Descendants of Arabians whose papers were lost during the War.
  • Descendants of the pre-war mare Nigra Zscheiplitz, originally classified as purebred, but later eliminated because of non-Arabian elements.
  • Pintos or Palominos with over 90 % Arabian blood.